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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2 Buck Tuesdays at Thanksgiving Point

If you live in the Utah County area-here is a deal for you.
You can visit one of three venues for only two dollars on Tuesdays during the month of August.
Here is the link for the site to get more info

I called my sister and we are going to go one of these Tuesdays to check out the amazing things available at Thanksgiving Point.
I will give an update on how it goes-I just wanted to share the great deal while it is available so you can all take advantage of this great offer.

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Kati said...

Oh man! Tiff, TGP is CRAZY on Tuesdays! Soooo if you ever want to go, I suggest waiting for school to start and going durring the day. I have a pass and can all guests in for 1/2 price! Let me know! If you went, I hope it was great :)