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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Choroid Plexus Cysts on the brain

We learned we were having a beautiful baby girl and that she had 3 cysts on her brain on the same day.
It was a moment of happiness and then a horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach.
Here is some info from a website we found http://www.i-am-pregnant.com/Birth/Birth-defects/Choroid-Plexus-Cysts-%28CPC%29
"Approximately 1-2% of all women that have an ultrasound between 16 and 24 weeks will be diagnosed with fetal choroid plexus cysts.
The choroid plexus is a tissue in the brain that produces cerebrospial fluid. During a second trimester ultrasound, doctors will often find a cyst(s) in the choroid plexus. Usually these cysts will go away by the 28th week of pregnancy and will not affect the baby.
A CPC tells doctors that there could be another chromosomal abnormality present. The presence of CPC's indicates an increased risk for trisomy 18 (Edward's Syndrome). Women that are diagnosed with this condition will be offered additional ultrasound examinations and an amniocentesis"

Our midwife told us that we shouldn't worry because everything else measured normally and there were no other signs of anything being wrong. We still wanted to be sure that everything was going to be fine and scheduled a second ultrasound 2 months later.
We did a lot of praying and reading online about this and we both felt that we didn't need to worry. Especially since there was nothing we could do even if anything was wrong.
The next ultrasound revealed that the cysts were gone. So we had nothing to worry about. I wanted to share this so that if you get the same news, you will know about it before hand.

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